Save Money By Staying In The UK For Holidays

11 Jan

uk saving holidaysThere is no one who could blame you for wanting to get away and escape from the constant grind that you probably find yourself on. Those with families in particular understand that they need to be doing all that they possibly can to get away every once in a while. At very least they need to do this just to maintain their sanity. However, with a family it can be difficult to save up all that much money to get going to the places that you would like to be. Therefore, it is important that you do whatever you possibly can to find the cheap family UK holidays wherever they are available.

Cheap is the most critical factor when looking for these types of holidays. The best solution is to check the Internet for different rates to different places from various companies. If you are able to find the place that you want to go to, then you should also be able to find a rate for it that you deem to be acceptable.

The first part of the process is determining what type of break you are looking for. Are you interested in a seaside escape where you can enjoy the beach and water? If so, then going to Brighton might be right for you. It is right up against the water, and it is perfect for getting away with family.

Other people prefer to do some sightseeing and check out some of the historic places that are located in their capital city. This means that they need to head to London to stay.

By accepting some lower rated hotels to stay in, one can easily travel to different cities that they would like to see on their breaks. If these holidays become a common thing each year or so, then it is possible to mix things up each time you decide it is time for a break. The Internet can help you to find those lower rated hotels and the rates that you are going to have to pay.

For those who are going with the seaside adventure idea, it might be wise to check out Southport holiday park. This is an area that perfectly combines the seaside beauty with some great nightlife. It is family friendly but couples can enjoy the experience as well. All in all, there is no question that this is the place that many people want to be.

There are many free activities for the kids such as mini golf and go karts. Things like this can help them to have just as much fun on your break as you are having. It is important to keep the kids happy on these types of things so that they do not want to go back home quickly. Every night there is some form of free entertainment offered. It is a very fun place to be at a price that most are able to afford at least the once or twice a year that they decide to take a great such as this one.

Look at and for more ideas on where to go.


Supermarket price comparisons – benefits of shopping online

7 Jan

Say goodbye to supermarket stress and shrink grocery bills by shopping online.

We all love the convenience of shopping at the supermarket, with everything we need under one roof. The problem is that the supermarket is also filled with plenty of things to tempt us and lead us to spend more than we need to.

Shopping for groceries online can help to ensure that we only buy what we need and are not tempted by tasty but unnecessary items. Online grocery shopping can also be a more convenient and less stressful experience, with no heavy trolley to push around.

Save money on your shopping

One major benefit of shopping for groceries online is that it’s so easy to compare prices and offers between different supermarkets. By comparing prices between supermarkets, it’s easy to see which offers the best prices for your family’s needs.

Supermarket price comparison sites offer an easy way to compare the price of an item, or even a whole shopping basket, at all of the major supermarkets. They can also be used to check that your regular supermarket is offering you the best deals.

The convenience of a supermarket comparison site is that you can enter your usual shopping list and the site will compare the prices from a number of supermarkets, saving a great deal of time.

Online grocery shopping offers the chance to switch between supermarket websites easily to compare prices. This is something that it would be virtually impossible for us to do on foot, and would certainly be a very tiring experience that would present us with a hefty petrol bill.

The search function on supermarket websites can also help us to find exactly what we are looking for with ease, helping us to avoid walking up and down supermarket aisles and being tempted by a number of unnecessary items.

Shop from the comfort of your own home

Shopping from home can be a great money saving approach to supermarket shopping. It helps us to avoid the cleverly placed promotions that marketing experts surround us with in the supermarket in order to get us to spend more money.

Online shopping baskets also keep a clear running total of how much we are spending, thereby helping us to stick to a budget and prevent unnecessary purchases as the total rises. Viewing an online basket also makes it easy to weed out luxuries before checking out.

With an option to search supermarket websites by offers, it’s also easy to tailor the weekly shopping around the best buys on offer for any particular week without having to be tempted by more expensive items and impulse buys in the supermarket.

With some supermarkets offering cheap delivery slots at off-peak times and others offering free delivery, there is no need to drive the car to the supermarket. Having your shopping delivered also saves petrol and is great for the environment.

Shopping from home, at a time that is convenient for you, can be the perfect solution to checkout stress and can also help you to save money. It also helps to ensure we have more time at the weekends to spend quality time with the family.


Money saving tips – be energy efficient in the home

6 Jan

Save money on energy bills and banish the winter blues by following simple steps towards a more energy efficient home.

Nothing beats curling up on the sofa in a warm house, but rising energy prices mean that fuel bills can hit the family budget hard; however, there are many ways to cut bills and help the environment by increasing energy efficiency.

Insulation is key

One of the most effective money saving ways to make the family home more energy efficient is through insulation. A well insulated home loses less heat and stays warm for longer, meaning that less fuel is needed.

house in a hatWhile the idea of carrying out home improvements such as insulating a house can sound expensive, it needn’t be. A number of grants are available to provide free or reduced-cost insulation to many homes.

Those who do pay for insulation will usually recoup the costs of the insulation after a couple of years. After this time, the insulation will continue to save money on energy bills.

Around one-third of a home’s heat energy is lost through its walls. Cavity wall insulation is one of the most effective ways to reduce heat loss and save money on energy bills. A large amount of heat is also lost through our roofs, and reducing the amount of heat that escapes can help to cut energy costs. Loft insulation is a simple and effective way to keep the heat in and make our homes more energy efficient.

Money saving tips for an energy efficient home

As well as through walls and roofs, a significant amount of heat can be lost through windows.
Double glazed windows work best at reducing heat loss, and windows should be double glazed where possible.

Replacing windows with new, double glazed ones can be expensive at first. If your budget cannot stretch to new windows at the moment, curtains can help to reduce the amount of heat energy lost through your windows.

Heavy curtains or curtains with a thermal lining provide the best form of insulation. By drawing curtains as soon as it becomes dark, the amount of heat lost from the family home can be reduced and energy bills will be lower.

purseTurning down the thermostat by just one degree can also help to reduce energy bills. The amount of fuel saved by doing this over a period of time can have a real impact on energy bills and such a small difference should barely be noticed.

There are also simple money saving tips to save on electricity bills and reduce overall energy costs. Simply switching off lights and appliances such as televisions and radios when they are not being used can reduce bills.

Energy saving light bulbs use far less electricity than standard bulbs, and also last much longer.
Not only do they cost less to run but they also have to be replaced less often, saving more money and inconvenience.

Simple changes to everyday tasks can cut energy bills. Boiling only the amount of water needed in the kettle and washing clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40 degrees can help you to have more money left in your pocket.

Family holidays on a budget – shop around online

4 Jan

Shopping around online can be a cheaper, more flexible way to book a family holiday.

Holidays are a great way for families to spend quality time together, get away from everyday worries and create precious memories – but they can also be expensive. Shopping around and booking online can help to make fantastic family holidays more affordable.

Compare prices to find the best deal

traveling familyThe best way to find good deals on family holidays is to compare the prices that different companies charge. Comparing prices online is a quick and easy way to do this, and it is certainly a lot easier than visiting different travel agent branches to compare prices.

After finding the hotel and holiday for you, search engines make it simple to find the same holiday on a number of websites and to compare prices to find the best deal.

children on holiday

Reviews, photos and videos are also readily available online to give you a clearer idea of whether the holiday offers everything that you are looking for. Research can help you to avoid the dreaded feeling that you have wasted money on the wrong holiday.

Free online travel guides are also available to give you a clear idea of what to expect from the area that you are travelling to before making any final decisions.

Shopping online for holidays that you have already seen advertised in a high street travel agency can also help to save money, as some companies offer exclusive online deals. When it comes to holidays, some of the best buys can be found online.

Selling holidays on the internet is much cheaper than selling them from high streets branches using a one-to-one sales process. This reduction in overheads can be passed on to the customer, offering us a cheaper holiday online than from a high street travel agent.

Money saving tips for booking holidays online

Shopping for a holiday online can also offer us a host of other deals, discounts and benefits that can only be used on websites, including discount codes and cashback, thereby helping to reduce the overall cost of your family holiday.

A variety of sources such as websites, magazine, newspapers and emails from holiday companies offer promotional codes that can be entered at the online checkout to save money on a holiday. Other sites offer cashback when you book a holiday online.

It can be hard for us to find the time to visit a number of travel agents to compare deals and make sure that we don’t make hasty decisions when booking a holiday. Shopping online offers a convenient alternative with less pressure involved.

Some of the best travel buys are only available for limited number of customers. If there was ever a reason to get out of bed at the crack of dawn, it’s the prospect of getting an amazing price on the holiday of our dreams.

With the ability to shop at any time online, it is easier to be amongst the first customers to get a great deal. It also allows the whole family to browse holidays together, at a time when everyone is free, to find a holiday to suit everyone.



Family holidays on a budget – look for all-inclusive deals

3 Jan

Choosing all-inclusive holiday deals can lead to a cheaper and more relaxing family holiday experience.

Booking a family holiday abroad can become an expensive business, as extras tend to pile up. Opting for an all-inclusive holiday deal can save money and help your family keep to a budget without having to compromise on the things you enjoy most.

Stick to a budget and save money

family holidaysAll-inclusive holidays tend to have all meals included in the price. This helps to save money and reduce the stress that can come with having to find a suitable restaurant to feed the family at meal times.

Having meals included in the price of the holiday means that there is no need to spend hours searching for the best value restaurants and having to convert the price of each dish into pounds to work out how expensive it is.

Buying food in a foreign currency can also make it difficult to keep track of your spending, especially on a family holiday. The children are likely to be constantly asking for things, with little concern for the cost.

Eating in an all-inclusive hotel allows families to enjoy meals together without having to compromise or worry about whether they can afford to have another course. Many hotels also include drinks and snacks in the price of the holiday.

After paying for your family holiday, there can often be little money left over to pay for activities, entertainment or family days out. Many all-inclusive holidays include activities and entertainment in the price, ensuring that there is plenty to keep the whole family amused.

All-inclusive holidays are great for families

If you’re looking for a money saving option for a family-friendly holiday, all-inclusive holiday packages can be a great choice. A little research can help you to find a family-orientated hotel where everyone’s needs are catered for.

Not having to worry about carrying money with you all the time, and not having to look for cafes, restaurants and activities that meet the holiday budget, can remove a great deal of the stress that can lead to arguing between couples and families on holiday.

All Inclusive Holidays

We all have busy lives and it’s important for family holidays to be as relaxing as possible, with the family spending precious quality time together. A pre-paid, all-inclusive deal means that you can relax and forget about your money worries for a while.

As many kids’ clubs are included in the price of an all-inclusive holiday, parents can take advantage of knowing that the children are safe and happy without having to worry about the expensive childcare costs that they’re often faced with at home.While it’s great for the whole family to spend time together on holiday, it’s also nice for adults to have time together away from the everyday stresses at home. Many all-inclusive hotels have kids’ clubs, which offer the perfect opportunity for parents to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

If you need to get away from it all and spend quality time with your loved ones without spending a fortune, all-inclusive family holidays could be just what you’re looking for.